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Create a strategic talent acquisition function that delivers results with TalentAssist™.



The demands on today’s workforce continue to change rapidly. That’s why it is critical to ensure your organization has recruitment, selection, and hiring approaches that identify and fulfill the organization’s continuously changing business needs and goals.

Strategic talent acquisition is a systematic approach to attracting, sourcing, recruiting and hiring top talent within your organization. TalentAssist™ supports organizations by reviewing existing recruitment processes and then developing a recruiting, selection, and hiring approach that identifies and fulfills the organization’s short and long-term needs and goals.

TalentAssist™ will help you design and implement effective recruiting strategies and approaches. Areas of focus include:

  • Defined recruitment strategy
  • Employer branding
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Metrics-based decision-making
  • Building a recruiting culture
  • Candidate-centric approach
  • Recruitment Technology

Our consulting team is led by Instigate’s co-founder Christi Schreyer – SWP, HCS. For more than 20 years, Christi has been helping businesses maximize their recruiting resources. Christi strives to “level the playing field” for companies who are challenged to compete for talent without the budgets, time or people that large organizations have at their disposal. Making the most of technology and highly efficient recruiting approaches, clients are able to land top talent, measure success, establish their own employer brand, and boost hiring manager satisfaction.

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We provide Talent Acquisition Consulting Services to companies throughout the United States from our White Bear Lake, Minnesota offices located in the Twin Cities metropolitan area of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

Key Service Values

  • Reduce Hiring Cost
  • Improve Candidate Quality
  • Shorten Time-to-Hire
  • Drive Employer Branding
  • Free Up Internal Staff
  • Lower Agency Usage