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Symbiant Technologies  

Despite our reputation as a leading provider of Information Management Solutions, the heavy competition for IT talent in today’s market was causing our recruiting message to get lost. In discussing our reluctance to absorb high headhunter fees with a valued client, they introduced us to Instigate and their selective recruitment outsourcing services. Instigate provides us with a full range of scalable and affordable resources that allow us to attract and hire top talent while also growing our employer brand. Within only a couple months of our partnership, we filled our immediate hiring requirements and have returned to a position of strength in our recruiting efforts – all for a fraction of the cost we would have otherwise absorbed with either headhunters or internal resources continuing to fill those same positions still today.

Sean Solberg is the Vice President – Client Services at Symbiant Technologies.


Conwed Global Netting Solutions

I began working with Instigate in 2007, when the economy—and the job market—were a lot different. Conwed had hired me to focus on strategic endeavors, which left almost no time to hire and recruit with any degree of professionalism. Instigate was exactly what we needed.

We’re not as large as some of our competitors, but recruitment process outsourcing enables us to compete for talent on the same level, in terms of responsiveness, efficiency, and the quality of candidates.

Instigate engages candidates under our corporate banner, on our behalf, and is devoted to making sure candidates, hiring managers, everybody is kept in the loop. It takes a lot of time to keep in touch like that, but that level of responsiveness is so valuable.

In terms of efficiency, Instigate helps us focus our time. Before we started working with them, we’d post a job on Monster and get a flood of resumes—but so few of the candidates were what we wanted. The hiring manager would have to sift through 50 resumes trying to find the few who were qualified and right for us. But with Instigate taking the lead, the hiring manager’s time is much more focused.

And best of all, we land better candidates. While most other recruiters I’ve worked with are conventional head hunters, Instigate has a real process to pinpoint exactly what we’re looking for. That results in a higher caliber of talent, which ultimately means better company performance.

Gwen Olson is the Vice President of HR at Conwed Global Netting Solutions, the industry-leading provider of plastic netting solutions for reinforcement, containment and separation applications.


Kraus Anderson Construction

My phone was always ringing off the hook with recruiters pitching their services.  I had gotten really good at saying no thanks.   When Instigate called, I was ready with my usual no thanks. But instead of a sales pitch, they simply asked me what I needed help with.

At the time, we needed help with workforce reduction and transition programs. While we already had some resources in place, I discovered that Instigate’s program was much better, more personal. And the price was right.

Over the next few months we transitioned back into active hiring, we tapped into Instigate’s selective recruitment applications which helped us sort through the hundreds of candidates to find the right people for the jobs.  These solutions include applicant tracking and management —an essential tool for federal contractors like us, who are required to track hiring data to comply with affirmative action and other regulations.  Not only is this resource slick, it interfaces seamlessly with the career section of our corporate web site, which Instigate built and designed to reflect the Kraus Anderson brand.

For me, it all adds up to a true partnership. They offer the supplement you need, whether that’s filling positions or tracking applicants. And on top of the tools they provide, their customer service is phenomenal. Every single person I’ve dealt with is so responsive.

Instigate is an extension of me and my staff. I really could not do it without their help.

Diane Duguay is a Director at Kraus Anderson, one of the top general contractors in the country.



The TalentAssist Team did an amazing job handling the recruitment process for a high level critical role at our company. All aspects of the process were timely and professional. Everyone involved in the recruiting process from candidates to hiring authorities had high praise.  Anyone seeking an effective and affordable recruiting solution should strongly consider Instigate and the TalentAssist Team. –

Cem Erdem is President & CEO at Augusoft, the first SaaS enrollment management system for the continuing education industry.


Wilson Tool International

I got to know Instigate as a candidate first, and was impressed with their responsiveness and knowledge of the hiring company’s dynamic. When I was interviewing with Wilson Tool, they always kept in touch with me, giving me regular status updates, being proactive, even if they were still waiting—they let you know they hadn’t forgotten about you. And I could tell they had really gotten to know the hiring team and the company’s business, which helped prepare me as well.

So when I did land the job, I knew I wanted Instigate on board. Our HR dept is small—you can count our team on one hand—but when we use Instigate, it’s like we have a full-time recruiter on board. It’s all about economies of scale; we can go after the best talent without the time and money it takes a big company.

And just as I recognized when I was on the candidate side, Instigate is really an extension of the Wilson Tool team. When they call a candidate, they say “I’m calling on behalf of Wilson Tool.” They spend time with the hiring manager to get to know what they really want, and what the right candidate will bring. That means the people we hire are better fits, and more likely to stay and be productive for a long time.

Amanda Kehoe is the HR Manager for Wilson Tool, the world’s largest independent manufacturer of tooling systems for punch presses, press brakes and punch and die components for the stamping industry.


Cosma International

Three years ago, we were experiencing a tremendous growth period. It was great to bring so many new people on board—but it was also hard to keep up. I met the folks from Instigate at an HR conference and thought they might be able to help.

Since then Instigate has provided full recruitment process outsourcing for Montezuma. They do everything from start to finish, which saves me a lot of time.

And unlike most recruiting firms, Instigate doesn’t just push resumes at us. They actually took the time to come out and learn our business before we got underway—so they could find a true fit, not just put a body in the seat.  Instigate’s also a great value. What you get in return for what they provide is tremendous.

I’m very pleased with their service, and I highly recommend them.

Marv Van Wyck is the HR Manager at Cosma International, a division of Magna International a Tier 1 supplier of components to the automotive industry.


Hawkins, Inc.

With a headcount under 300, we don’t have the same recruiting infrastructure as a big company. But with Instigate, we do—and it’s totally scalable depending on our needs. They provide full-service recruiting start to finish, which keeps those tasks off my plate so I can focus on other things.

They’re different from most recruiters in that they really take the time to learn our business and culture to find the right fit. They’re proactive, responsive, and when we’ve had unique hiring situations, they’ve been appropriately aggressive in their search.

Instigate has been working with Hawkins since before I joined the company. I don’t know what the job was like before Instigate, and I don’t want to find out.

Michele Helgemo is the Human Resources Manager for Hawkins, Inc., which supplies, delivers, and ensures safe handling of chemicals to industrial manufacturers throughout the Midwest.

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