What’s the difference between a headhunter or recruiting agency and a RPO provider?

While headhunters and recruiting agencies can be successful with certain single search solutions, they are paid to do one thing – fill the job with their candidate. A good RPO provider partners with you and brings a total talent awareness program which is all about the candidate experience.

With RPO, candidates get exposure to you and your employer brand at the launch of service. They see the company details and the job and the desire is instantly there. They also have time to research the business and prepare for next steps in the recruitment process. The difference for you the employer is that you have final say over advertising content and selection process which ensures uniformity and that the vacancy is not being oversold. RPO addresses several things such as:

  • Branding your company
  • Technology
  • Consultative approach
  • Consistency
  • Scalability
  • Compliance
  • Partnership beyond the hire
  • Accountability to be successful

Isn’t it cheaper to build an internal recruitment team rather than go for RPO?

We always recommend that an organization looks at an internal solution concurrently with assessing the benefits of RPO. Although an internal solution can sometimes look attractive however, it will require an increase in overall fixed recruitment headcount and therefore overhead cost which cannot be flexed to deal with the natural peaks and troughs of demand.

In addition, an internal recruitment team needs to rapidly build its expertise in web-based recruitment in order to reduce the reliance on headhunters and recruiting agencies which is often one of your larger recruitment cost.

Essentially, comparing the costs between RPO and building an internal recruiting function is much more than looking at the dollar amounts and monetary savings. It also means looking at the value of allowing an RPO to take on certain functions so your current staff can focus on fewer recruitment tasks and be able to focus on strategic issues such as job profiling, assessment and selection, and onboarding.

Why not hire a corporate or contract recruiter?

Most companies are used to having a corporate or contract recruiter come in and immediately begin to fill positions – or at least that is the assumption. Remember a corporate or contract recruiter is one person and one function assimilating into an organization. Often, the recruiter ends up taking over the administrative and transactional functions of recruitment process leaving little to no time left for deeper sourcing of qualified candidates. Usage of headhunters and recruiting agencies can remain at high higher than desired levels.

RPO will manage the process and divide up the roles and responsibilities to maximize effectiveness based upon the solution designed. RPO will focus on the scope of the need and provide flexibility and consistency to achieve results.

If we outsource all or part of our recruitment process, aren’t we effectively losing control of a core strategic activity of the business?

No. On the contrary, RPO solutions give you more control over recruitment by providing a single point of accountability for it and full visibility of recruitment activity and performance to the company, HR and hiring managers. The principles and benefits of RPO can be applied to the recruitment management of core staff, fixed term contractors and limited company contractors.

Will the RPO solution replace any of our current staff?

If you currently have full time recruiters, RPO solutions may give you the opportunity to downsize or restructure. In many cases however RPO will often give HR the opportunity to refocus the time they save through RPO into more value adding HR functions.

What does a typical RPO fee structure look like?

RPO fee structures vary between placement based fees structures, to retainer based monthly charges. We are able to offer flexible pricing models to suit the needs of our clients.

Does RPO guarantee a cost savings?

Our fees are based on what parts of the service you require. Most clients have made a savings on what they would have spent verses an internal recruitment team or using a traditional headhunter or recruiting agency. A client-based need assessment will provide more detail on the level of cost savings that an RPO solution can deliver to your company.

Do you have experience of recruiting in my industry?

We may well have experience in a given industry. That is not the basis for our successful track record in RPO but rather our professional recruitment management approach. Our team is built from varied backgrounds and they are trained to work cross-industry. They possess the skills and ability to ask the right questions and manage the process effectively for any recruitment requirement.

What number of annual hires would warrant engaging an RPO?

There are no maximum or minimum limits to recruitment under our RPO services. If you’re doing everything yourselves then outsourcing can free up the time of your HR department and hiring teams. If you’re using headhunters and recruitment agencies; then the benefits of outsourcing will create a better candidate experience, it will strengthen your brand as an employer, result in quality hires and lower your total recruitment costs.

Key Service Values

  • Reduce Hiring Cost
  • Improve Candidate Quality
  • Shorten Time-to-Hire
  • Drive Employer Branding
  • Free Up Internal Staff
  • Lower Agency Usage