Pay It Forward Referral Program

You Scratch Our Back and We’ll Scratch Yours!

During the ten exciting years Instigate has been in business, we’ve earned a great deal of positive feedback from valued clients just like you.  We love your regular on-the-job thanks for the quality and service we deliver, and we value each and every one.

But as highly as we value your positive feedback, it’s your referrals that make us happiest.  Referrals mean that we’ve gained your trust sufficiently that you feel comfortable recommending us to others.  That’s not only the highest compliment we can think of, it’s one of the best ways we can grow our business since your referrals are going to be high-quality, keenly discriminating clients just like yourself.

Recognizing that, we have launched a program to reward and thank you for your new referrals in hopes of generating more.  Here’s how it works:

Valued clients will receive a discount on your next service request equal to 10% of the total first service request of any new referral of yours to us. 

Now, who do you know who would value our support as much as you do?  Contact us with your referral.  We will contact you first to get more information.


Looking to become a TalentAssist service partner?  Click Here for more information on our partner program.

Key Service Values

  • Reduce Hiring Cost
  • Improve Candidate Quality
  • Shorten Time-to-Hire
  • Drive Employer Branding
  • Free Up Internal Staff
  • Lower Agency Usage